The Tailor sails a sea of future rhythm and whisper blues. His ship is made from trees and spice and dreams of other places, collected. His rudder is a broken beatbox and a strange banjo and he is not afraid to use it. A midnight liaison , a pot simmering and boiling over, sensual. intimate. noisy. in between the harmonies he’s searching for a dirty kind of space. Made of radio echoes and lightning storms. Thunder in the distance.

His legendary Live performances have been delighting, confounding and seducing audiences across the West Coast of north america for more years than he would care to admit. Highlights include residency at Shambhalah Living Room Stage for ten years and an opening slot for a Beats Antique tour. Currently he runs the Rattle performance space in East Vancouver, and is a founder of the Sea to Seed tour of Salish Sea.

The music has been featured in the short film Bury him in the Desert, a cooking show the Perennial plate, a crazy swedish fishing documentary, and a number of racy love scenes, of course.


slowly crawling, biting whisper folk- vancouver is awsome blog

Captivating and thrilling, Gabriel plays the banjo and belts out lyrics with an intense passion, bringing out an atmosphere that is both bone-chilling and welcoming at the same time. – Another Rainy Saturday

With his liquid movements and from-the-depth-of-emotion voice, the Tailor sent the place into a trance. A good kind of trance though, one that would make doing dishes a sexy evening task – Denver Westword

Unlike many solo players, THE TAILOR maintained an intense stage presence. He was incredibly expressive as he twisted his body or sinuously gyrated to the dark and evocative music. – Jester Jay

Reminiscent of an old troubadour with a ragtime feel, The Tailor was a clown prince of an opening act. Warming the crowd with witty banter, and an utterly sensual vibe, he had everyone in the crowd wondering how they could get their hands on his music – Examiner Boulder